Jesus Never Fails

This has been a summer of great spiritual growth in our church. It’s been amazing to see each person growing in Christ. One of our young ladies felt the burden to start a ministry to feed the needy children in our town while at a campmeeting.
A elder gentleman just received the Holy Ghost after 3 years of seeking. An atheist turned holiness. A young teenager gave her life to God and surrendered her future. These are just a few of the things we have seen happen in the past couple of months. God has been so good to our church.

We sing a song that says Jesus never fails. I am living proof that this is so true. Jesus has never failed me and he is just as real today as he was thousands of years ago. If you have a need in your life He is able to supply the need. If you are sick in your body, he is able to heal you. Whatever the problem, my Jesus can fix it. I encourage you today to let go and let Jesus have control of your life. I know personally how hard it is to just let Jesus handle it. As a human we like to be in control and know the next step, but sometimes Jesus says Be still and know that I am God.
This summer I feel like I’ve gained a new found love for the lost. We are commanded in the Bible to win souls. Not by just praying, but by doing. He said to go. I wonder what would happen if you just took a drive through your town and went to the slums, the ghettos, the worst neighborhood around and showed Gods love. What would happen if you went and told them about Jesus and showed them that you care for them. Jesus didn’t go to the rich people. He went to the prostitutes, to the homeless, the sick, to the poor.

Maybe you don’t know Jesus and you want to know him. You want to let him have your life. Your tired of the weight of sin that weighs you down. My friend, that’s what this is all about. That’s why we go out and knock on doors, why we go to church, and it’s our life purpose. You are the very reason that Jesus sacrificed his life on Calvary. It was for you. Give your heart to Jesus and let him wash your sins away. Let him change you and give you joy and peace within. Jesus will never fail you.

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