Landmark New Hope Ministry

Landmark New Hope Ministry is our new homeless outreach. We are so excited for the ministries and doors that God is opening. Currently, there is one man in our care off of the streets. We are praying to be able to help many more like him.

Chris was sleeping behind an abandoned store. He began to pray and ask God for help. The owner of the store asked Chris to leave. Instead of getting upset, he chose to believe that God had a purpose in this. So, Chris moved on to another location. Little did Chris know, that God had dealt with our church to go witnessing that day.
Chris was the first person they saw when they went out. If Chris had not moved then he would have not been found that day. Chris is now temporarily living in our church facility. He has a safe place to stay, food to eat, and now has a full time job for the first time in many years. The church is providing transportation back and forth to his work. Even more importantly than all of that, he is getting spiritual guidance to help him establish a real relationship with God. We would like to be able to help him so much more, and the many others just like him in our community.

Thank God he has blessed us with a new facility. Here are a few pics of the inside.

If you would like to help Chris or others in our community, then please donate below. We appreciate all of your prayers and support.